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Get answers to your questions about selling your home?

It’s a significant decision to sell a house for cash to SoCal Buyers. Common questions regarding the process and SoCal Buyers are listed below.

Will SoCal Buyers buy my home even if it requires a lot of repairs?2023-10-01T15:06:49-06:00

Yes! We buy houses Southern California!  At SoCal Buyers we purchase any home in all conditions even if it needs repairs. This way you can sell your home in “as is”  condition and you do not need to perform any updates or improvements.


How fast can SoCal Buyers close on my home?2023-10-01T15:12:37-06:00

SoCal Buyers can typically close on your property in as little as seven days. The exact timeline can vary depending on factors such as the specific details of your property and any unique circumstances involved. However, SoCal Buyers are experienced in fast transactions and aim to provide a swift and hassle-free selling experience.

How fair are the prices for SoCal Buyers cash offers for Southern California property?2023-10-01T15:13:07-06:00

Most Southern California properties we buy are somewhat below “market value”, our goal is to give you a fast and fair offer that benefits you.  Most sellers like you truly value the advantage of our quick cash sale process because of the fast closing and quick and simple transaction.  If you need to sell your home fast and simply, we will work with you to get an agreement that is beneficial for you and our team. Don’t forget, our zero-commitment pricing offer means you are 100% free to decline it for any reason.

In Southern California, how is the offer price for my property determined by SoCal Buyers?2023-10-01T15:21:22-06:00

Transparency about our process is something we pride ourselves on. The factors we consider include the property’s Southern California location, current condition, required repairs, and the sale prices of comparable houses in the vicinity. By considering various factors, we determine a fair price that is beneficial to both parties.

How much are the commissions and fees for your service?2023-10-01T15:15:19-06:00

In Southern California, selling your house to SoCal Buyers entails no fees or commissions, thanks to our unique approach. If you accept the offer we present, we will buy your house, often also covering the closing costs.

In Southern California, how does the approach of SoCal Buyers set apart from traditional real estate agents?2023-10-01T15:23:14-06:00

Traditional real estate agents in Southern California aim to find a buyer by listing properties, a process that often spans 6-12 months, alongside a commission fee of 3-6% of the sale price. They offer a valuable service for those who have the time to wait and the financial capability to cover commission fees. On the contrary, the approach of SoCal Buyers is quite distinct: we are home buyers. Rather than merely listing, we actually engage in purchasing houses in Southern California, frequently making a decision within a mere couple of days (or sometimes on the same day). It’s our own money we invest to buy, repair, and market the houses, thereby assuming the property’s risk and responsibility.

Does SoCal Buyers require a commitment after providing my address and contact info.?2023-10-01T15:17:43-06:00

Once you provide SoCal Buyers some details about your property, you have absolutely no obligation. We will review the information and possibly set up a call with you to learn more, following which a fair all-cash offer will be presented to you. The decision is entirely yours whether to sell your Southern California house to us or not; under no circumstances will we pressure or harass you. Ultimately, we desire for you to make the decision that most favorably suits your situation.

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Why have other homeowners like you sold their house to SoCal Buyers because we are cash home buyers in Southern California?

Traditional Process

  • Long Time to Sell, Often 60-90 Days

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • 6% Commissions + More Fees

  • Stress of Cleaning up and Repairs

  • Unreliable Bids

SoCal Buyers

  • High Cash Offer Amounts

  • As-Is Sales . Zero Repairs or Cleanup

  • Sell Your Home With 0 Fees

  • Closing Costs – None

  • 7 Day Closings